We are the leading manufactures and importers of  vertical garden panels and pots in different sizes and colors. People call this as bio wall garden planters, vertical pots, vertical garden sets, bio wall setup, green box, etc. some of our fast moving models are

M1 – regular panels with 3 pots setup good for landscaping artists, architects, etc. Available in black, terracotta and green. ,

M2 – improved version of M1 and this is very easy to insert pots into panels, the pots has hooks and it can aslo be used in wired mess. Available in black, terracotta and green ,

M3- this is 1 panel + 2 pots set and the pots are bigger in size for growing big plants Available in black.

M4- this is more fancy model (almost like M1 but this is very heavy frame) pots are little big than M1 and panles can be installed vertically and also in horizontal position.

Bio Wall pots – only pots for putting on wires or on weld mesh.

Lot more products are in the process

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