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With rapid environmental degradation and wide spread use of chemicals in agriculture, it is becoming increasingly difficult to be sure of what goes into our gut. Also, conventional agriculture is increasingly finding it difficult to meet the demands of the exploding population of the world. Aquaponics is the solution to many of these problems.
Aquaponics is an ecosystem of plants, fish, bacteria and worms where plants and fish are grown together in a mutually beneficial manner. Simply said, the waste produced by the fish acts as food for the plants and the plants in turn purify the water for the fish. It can be started anywhere, uses very little water in comparison to traditional methods and uses no chemicals.
While our aquaponic systems are a completely natural way to grow healthy produce for your family, our mini gardens add greenery to the indoors and purify the air around us. These unique mini gardens are easy to maintain and make great center pieces.

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